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Home Owners

Room by room renovations

Living in your home and looking to tackle one job at a time in a clean and efficient manner?  Hanging artwork, installing IKEA cabinetry and custom closets? Redoing the bathroom or kitchen? Give us a call for all your small scale renovation needs.

Commercial/ Office

Routine service work or alterations

Need someone reliable to service your business?  Cable management, hanging displays, assembly and install of furniture and lighting.  Paint touchups, dustless drywall repair and more. We've got you covered.


Working with your concepts and focusing on the details

Having trouble finding someone reliable for those smaller projects, or components of larger ones?  Someone that represents you well and understands the upscale market?  We specialize in just that. We also facilitate custom lighting, furniture and cabinetry. We are hardware and technology specialists and can get you the best possible results.  We say yes where others say no, and excel in projects that require outside the box thinking. 

BUILDERS/Real Estate Agents

Leave your deficiencies list up to us

If having someone professional, reliable, and accountable, to service your clients after move in is important to you, then give us a call. 

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