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Our Rates

$125 for the first hour per Specialist

$75/hr per Specialist

$85/hr for Minor Plumbing and Electrical 

15% Management fee will be applied to more complex jobs requiring sub trades and contractors

Minimum and Fees


We have a 2 Hour minimum charge for all site visits ($200). Its best to maximize your

time by making a list of items that you believe will fit into the two hour minimum.  


We do our best to give an accurate price range based on the discussed scope of work

and will work as best we can to stay within that.  However, some projects take more

time than anticipated and for that reason we provide only estimates not quotes.  

We will communicate any problems, if they arise, to determine the best result, and alert

of any price changes as best as possible.


Site Visits/Consultation - For more involved projects  $200-$275.   Measurements and

notes will be taken; cost, efficiency and feasibility will be discussed, and a detailed

estimate provided to fit your budget range.  Most of our clients have found this fee

highly valuable as our professional opinion usually ends up saving them more money

and potential errors.

Phone/Email Consultation- Based on much simpler tasks and verbal estimations.  Free     

Service Area

Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, East Burnaby.


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